What’s Dandelions?

Dandelions is an email newsletter rooting for empathetic, brave, social justice-hearted families. Joanna Eng and Julia Smith send it out on the first and third Sunday of every month.



We’re both parents of toddlers and we’re writing Dandelions for ourselves, for our friends, for our kids, and for our elders. We’re writing for aunties and uncles and teachers and caregivers, the families we are born into and the ones we choose. We’re writing for people who are busy—maybe you’re reading on your bus commute, or in the bathroom during naptime, because it’s your only moment alone today—but who don’t want their busy-ness to stop them from tackling tough conversations and actions with the young people in their lives.


Each issue focuses on a big, challenging theme (so far we’ve talked about the climate crisis, Pride, family separation and prisons, and more) but we always throw in a few fun surprises that delighted or motivated us.


Why “Dandelions”?

We explained this on Instagram!


Where else can I find you?

On Instagram at @dandelionsnewsletter. But we’re not on other social media. That’s because we’re treating this as a summer pilot project, and since we’re not sure whether we’ll change the frequency or approach after Labor Day, we’re really focusing most of our energy on just writing the best emails we possibly can. Subscribe here.